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Thursday, February 12, 2015

And Here We Go: Scott Walker Didn't Finish College Stories are Starting

Cause government is only for the mostest smart people, ya ignorant hick boob.
But in his classes, some professors said they never saw the same level of focus on schoolwork. In introductory French, for instance, Walker routinely barged into the room after the lesson had begun, loudly making excuses.

“He would talk to me, you know, say, ‘I’m very sorry, I had very important business’ ” with the student government, instructor Marc Boutet recalled. “I’m like, ‘En fran├žais ! En fran├žais!’ ”

Boutet said the other students tired of the daily disruptions. They started preemptively stealing Walker’s favorite desk, so he had nowhere to sit when he arrived.

“I think I gave him a D-minus,” Boutet said, adding that he saw Walker years later, and the two laughed about the class. French, Boutet said, “was not his thing.”
Thomas Sowell said it best:

"Whenever there's a major disaster, there always seems to be a Harvard man right in the middle of it."

Education is a fine thing but it isn't the only thing. And getting educated isn't solely the purview of colleges and universities. We have these fine things called books. We have an internet with more information at one's fingertips than ever in the history of mankind. Educated professor types (like Obama, let's say for example) have screwed this country up majorly.

Walker has more than proven himself. I think I've had my fill of lawyers and professors who never have been out in the real world. I think in the above story, the best thing about Scott Walker was this (emphasis mine):
Kevin Miller, who knew Walker from the Marquette Students for Life, described Walker’s thinking at the time as: “ ‘I’d rather have a full-time job and have the rest of my time to spend on politics.’ ” He said Walker intended to go back to school at some point. “I never got any indication that it was anything other than that. Or anything more than that.”

Walker’s own explanation has been short and simple. He got a job. He meant to go back. But he just never found the time.
There's a novel idea. Apparently figured out he's worth something in the world and has a skill to share. Then he want and got himself elected Governor. But the left is going to portray him as uneducated.

This uneducated neanderthal is going to teach the left something in the next year and those boobs will never see it coming. Even after they get shellacked, they still won't get what happened. For all their education, they never learn anything. 

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