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Thursday, January 29, 2015

MSNBC: American Sniper was a Serial Killer

Or words to that effect.

Racist. Serial Killer. Chris Kyle was a frothing nutbag going out on killing sprees and enjoying it.

I'm assuming Aman Mohyeldin actually saw the movie and yet still says this about Chris Kyle. This is not just beyond sick, it's a complete and willful distortion of reality. Whether or not Aman actually lives in this reality or just wants it to be so, I can't tell. But I can tell that MSNBC regularly employs these people, puts them on TV, and gives these lunatics a forum to spout this kind of crap.

Also, I want everyone to understand a leftist mind: It's clear that Kyle did not think all Iraqis were savages. Yet this dirtbag assumes he does. This is because leftists always think in terms of groups, the collective, if you will. So if you comment on a terrorist's actions, you are disparaging all brown people, according to the left. This is because they don't see any differences between any brown people and do not want to say bad things about brown people, lest be known as a racist. So they first apologize for the actions of terrorists, and then second, deem those who attempt to stop terrorists as racists... because the left doesn't actually see any difference between all brown people.

In other words, the left knows racists when they see them because it takes one to know one. They simply accept their racism and are above you because they actually want to help brown people. The brown people need the left's help because what can you expect from brown people? They are victims of bigoted white people and can't be expected to succeed on their own. Or they are savages because if you were the victim of white Americans, you'd be savage too.

So remember, all brown people are disadvantaged without the means to better themselves cause... you know... whites are racists. Again, the non-racist left believes ALL white people are bad and all brown people are limited in some way.

This is how you become non-racist. If it makes your head spin, then congrats. You have an actual functioning brain. If it makes total sense to you, you'll have a long career at MSNBC with all the other non-racist racists.

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