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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm Islamophobic. How About You?

I know what you're thinking.

"But Yoda, I'm not afraid of muslims for no reason. It's not irrational. And there is a slew of evidence that Islam is very violent. Isn't being wary of a very real threat prudent?"

Of course it is. But actual word meanings don't mean anything anymore, at least for the left.

First off, Islamophobia no longer means "Irrational fear of Muslims." It now means racist.

Second, If you see a beheading, a shooting of cartoonists in retaliation cartoons, planes flying into buildings, cafe bombings, etc. and you react with anger at these events like a normal human, then you are Islamophobic. See Racist.

So you as a normal thinking human are a racist. Or an Islamophobe if you prefer. This is the left's definition.

So I'm embracing it. If being horrified by actual events, actual deaths, and indifferent to imaginary backlash that has yet to really happen is Islamophobic, then I'm your man.

I encourage all of you to be Islamophobic too.

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