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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why is Obamacare wrong?

In my earlier post, I got into it with a twidiot who is just enamored with ACA. Of course it's going to be perfect in his mind. People are just going to get health care now. Why would I want to deny universal health care? People are dying in the streets, why don't you want people to get care?

There are so many fallacies to what people believe about health care. Let's list them, shall we?

1. Health care is a right. -- No it's not. What is a "right?" What does a "right" require? It should not require anything from other people. If you make something a right that requires someone else's work or property, you have taken away a "right" from someone else. If I, as a sick person, deserve health care because it's a right, who do I enslave to get care? What if all the doctors decide it's just not worth it anymore. They'd rather be carpenters or research scientists or (God forbid) community organizers. We don't force people into professions but you have determined that your health care is a right and the law is on your side, what is the next logical step other than force?

Liberals scoff at this but there is a fundamental question on who is to provide you your "right"? Why is forcing doctors any different than forcing taxpayers to pay for it? Why not cut out the middleman and go from door to door in your neighborhood and demand, at gunpoint, your neighbors pay for your gall bladder surgery? (and if you think taxes aren't forcibly removed from you, please stop paying and let me know how long it takes for the people with guns to show up at your door. It may be years, but they WILL show up.)

2. You don't care about sick people. -- This is the typical lib pull at your heart strings argument. If you don't want universal health care then you don't care about sick people. This assumes that only the government can take care of you, an idea I find disgusting. But allow my hero, Thomas Sowell to explain:

The government is wrought with failure. "But it works in Canada", you say? Does it?

First of all, find me the hospital that refused treatment. As for coverage refusal, my father had a heart attack and was able to get coverage very reasonably less than two years later. The problem isn't that there isn't enough government in health care, it's that there's too much. No health care competition across the state lines for instance. Competition breeds value and lower prices and we have none of it thanks to the laws. Laws the precious government put in place.

We are arguing not about whether people are getting cared for but who has to pay for it and how much. But how can costs be controlled when this is happening year after year:

So why, please tell me WHY should we believe that THIS time it will work. This time, there will be no waste of money. This time, the poor won't get hurt by the very thing you put in to help them, like minimum wage laws do. This time will be different. Except it's already not.

In California, 1.9 million people buy plans on the open market, according to officials with Covered California, the state’s new health insurance exchange. And many of them are steaming mad. 
“There’s going to be a number of people surprised” by their bills, said Jonathan Wu, a co-founder of ValuePenguin, a consumer finance website. “The upper-middle class are the people who are essentially being asked to foot the bill, and that’s true across the country.”

We are using the exact same things that failed us in the past. Housing reform with Fannie and Freddie destroyed the housing market. Government sponsored energy initiatives gave us $3.50 gas and lost money into companies like Solyndra. The state education program has given us less educated students, more drop outs, and lots more debt. Medicare is racked with fraud and abuse. Welfare and public housing give people hopelessness and horrible places to live. New Orleans and Detroit had people who depended solely on the government for their very well being and the crooks and corruption let them down.

Greed isn't in the private sector nearly as much as Oliver Stone would like you to believe. Head to your capital and see how the pros engage in greed. You really think Obama has your best interests in mind by taking your health care responsibility from you?

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