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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Left: You need to work with us to improve the law! Goldberg: Go eff Yourselves, you own it now.

I really have very little to add. Jonah Goldberg sums it all up quite nicely.
I’m not arguing that the GOP shouldn’t capitulate to the law simply out of spite (though spite is underrated in this circumstance if you ask me). But I fail to see why Republicans should simply accept that the law is here to stay and get into wonky discussions about how to improve it at the margins at the exact moment the wheels are coming off the bus. The president and the Democrats lied us into a bad law. The right opposed the law on principle. A single party — the Democrats — own this law in a way that no party has had complete ownership of any major social legislation in a century. They bought this legislation with deceit and the GOP said so.   Now that it is going into effect, the facts on the ground are confirming that deceit. Moreover,  the same haughty condescending bureaucrats and politicians who told us they were smart enough and tech-savvy enough to do just about anything are being exposed as incompetent political hacks. And this is the moment when Sargent thinks the GOP should simply throw in the towel and work with the Democrats to make Obamacare bipartisan?
Yeah, own it Dems. You wanted it, you got it. Prepare for the masses to show their appreciation.

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