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Monday, April 27, 2015

Avengers and BullS***. Time to Start A New Name. Same Fight Though.

I was perusing the rotten reviews of the new Avengers movie and here's two blurbs right next to each other:
It was like Whedon thought about the 1st film and felt it wasn't deep enough, not realizing that its success was its comic book shallowness. It was just fun for audiences.
Ok. Looks like he was trying to go for a deeper thing. Maybe missed the mark like the 2003 Hulk in trying mine deep ideas instead of being a "turn your brain off" comic book movie. Fair enough. It IS a super-hero movie, it's supposed to be fun and not necessarily smart. Again, see 2003 Hulk if you want to see a movie disappear up its own ass and not very entertaining.

But then the very next review blurb:
If you're happy to, as they say, just turn your brain off and watch your heroes fight, it's fine...But Marvel has set me up to expect stories a bit above that base level.
Ummm. Did you two watch the same movie? How can there be two such diametrically opposed viewpoints on the same goddamn film?

The reason I bring this up is that I have been listening to the Sargon of Akkad on youtube lately. He is very logical, reasonable, well sourced, and friggin entertaining as all get-out. He's mostly anti-feminist and appears to be pro-israel and pro-...well freedom and capitalism. Yet he calls himself left-wing. How can someone I, as far as I can tell on his admittedly limited scope, agree with him at nearly every turn and he calls himself left wing?

I've seen this pop-up here and there more and more. People I agree with calling themselves somethings the opposite I'm told it is? Are we just calling ourselves whatever the fuck we feel like it anymore? Is there no hard and fast rule? Lefties don't like capitalism, seem to be down with feminism, and generally try to fuck over your freedoms. Sargon has their number down pat. I have heard him delineate a bit between "progressive" and "left" but I never saw a difference between those two.

I wonder sometimes if the label "right-wing" has just so been poisoned by the left so successfully that normal, reasonable people who are on our side on most of the issues just refuse to call themselves right wing. I do call myself right-wing but another sees and agrees with me on most issues calls himself left wing. Like the Avengers reviewers, I wonder are we seeing the same political movements? In fact, I see everyone trying to define everything into so many neat little categories all the time instead of trying to fix the obvious bullshit anymore.

The left has successfully rebranded themselves several times. Perhaps we need to as well. "Libertarian" isn't working out. My new political movement is the "The Freedom From Bullshit" movement. We see Bullshit, we work to free ourselves from it. Simple, direct. We all know bullshit when we see it. I don't care what you labeled yourself before, if you believe this stuff is bullshit, join me.

Ridiculous taxation so we can pay people to not work? Bullshit.

Companies like GE not paying taxes cause they donated to the right political party? BULLSHIT.

Idiotic churches yelling "God Hates Fags?" Bullshit. Get it out of here.

Screaming twitter mobs full of whining butthurt assholes who don't like shirts worn by people who land satellites? Total bullshit.

Political parties that supposed to represent your interests but just caves to the other side cause it has no spine? What a bunch of bullshit.

Saying you're against racism, sexism, and homophobia while blaming everything on straight, white men? Say it with me: Bullshit.

Federal government? Let's face it, the entire organization from the top down is now nothing but bullshit.

So that's what I'm working towards. #FreedomFromBS Start the hashtag.

Oh and let's agree why Avengers sucks or rocks and not make up a bunch of bullshit while we're at it.

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