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Friday, June 13, 2014

Obamacare Numbers based on Fraud, Deceit, and Corruption: Serco Whistleblowers

Meet Serco.

This is what happens when the government run by a politician of the highest order, a person who puts public relations above actually getting things done, is left to their own devices. Serco is not only getting 1.2 billion, they are processing very few applications. Which begs the question, if they are willing to hire people who don't work and blow through taxpayer dollars, how valid are the numbers they are reporting back to the government? How close are they to the 8 million they reported? If you take that number at face value, you are a fool.
Serco’s contract with CMS requires a particular level of staffing regardless of the work coming into the facility. If Serco falls below that — presumably measured in man-hours on duty — they can lose their $1.2 billion contract. The OT may well be in play because Serco has trouble getting people to get stuck for eight hours at a stretch with nothing to do, a situation that sounds pleasant until it’s experienced first-hand. (I have had this experience at two different jobs for relatively brief periods, and can attest to the torturous boredom it generates.)
It’s telling that this problem with Serco has been exposed for a month, and yet CMS has done nothing to stanch the waste of taxpayer dollars. Whistleblowers are claiming that we’re flushing a billion dollars down the drain, and yet the same administration that claimed that insurers wasted too much money on activities other than patient care hasn’t lifted a finger to fix this problem. How much patient care would the $1.2 billion deliver if it wasn’t being wasted by Serco?
A good question. But how many have actually been helped, either by Serco or anyone else? Bob Beckel touted on the Five yesterday that Minnesota has half as many uninsured as it had before Obamacare. The question is, do you even believe that number?

You do?


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