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Monday, June 23, 2014

Conservatives Choose Principles, Liberals Choose Sides

So I ran across this story on The Federalist:
Two unfolding stories offer us a revealing glimpse into the extraordinarily malleable morality of the left. 
There is the case of Hillary Clinton’s 1975 defense of a child rapist in Arkansas. As you know, defending your client to the best of your ability is what the law demands. And the law is the law. Then there is the case of governor Wisconsin Scott Walker, someone who, though he has never been close to being found guilty (or even formally charged) of any crime, is guilty of wrongdoing by the mere existence of an accusation. Here, the law is irrelevant.
One thing you must keep clear in your head. If you are wondering about the ongoing hypocrisy of left and bashing your head trying to understand how they can be this way, the reason is that they are only principled to their side. In the podcast, I praised Bill Maher for his defense of free speech. This is because I believe in free speech and whoever defends it correctly I will extol regardless if I differ with them. This is not the left.

Once you're on the side of stopping global warming, then it doesn't matter how many private jets you take. Once you're on the side of the poor, it doesn't matter how many lavish parties and extravagances you have. Once you're on the side of feminism, it doesn't matter how many women you destroy politically or how many rapists you get off. Once your on the side of democrats, it doesn't matter how many crimes you commit.

Sure there are some outliers here and there. But in truth, Liberals treat their parties like ball teams. There's no logical reason I root for the Royals, they are my team. It's pure emotion. I will defend bad calls. So what? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter. But politics and government have real actual consequences to people's lives. But liberals actually defend the bad, the criminal, the hypocritical, and the wrong. As long as their side win.

Ask Hilary's defendant's rape victim.

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