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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"We Don't Take Obamacare." Family was Told.. But at Least it Cost More

Yes the insurance appeared to be cheaper. But if nobody takes it and you get no return for your money, the cost-benefit ratio is sky high.
 But the Robinsons soon learned the HMO Blue Cross Blue Shield plan they pay about $375 each month for wasn't quite what they expected. 
For example, when it came to finding an obstetrician in Texas for their upcoming baby earlier this year, Rachel said she called all 28 practices listed as acceptable options for their plan, but could find none to take her as a patient. 
“Some would just come right out and say, ‘We don’t take Obamacare,’” she said. ”Or the best one was, ‘The doctor takes it here at the actual practice, but whatever hospital you use … does not take that insurance.’”
Obamacare doesn't work. All the cries of "Racism" won't help a couple pay for the baby they are trying to have, or pay for the hospital visits after a car crash or any number of other things. These are the realities and as John Adams said, "Facts are stubborn things." 

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