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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Obamacare Incompetence Roundup

Cover Oregon Director was shown the door after the mess that was Oregon's Obamacare website. His punishment? He still gets to collect his 14k a month paycheck.
The resignation was “effective immediately,” said officials in the governor’s office. 
Or so we thought. 
It turns out, Goldberg never really left and is now drawing a full-time salary from the state. Oregon officials confirm Goldberg returned to full-time status at the Oregon Health Authority on May 15 and will use his accrued vacation pay until July 18. 
He’s getting paid $14,425 a month.
The administration won't release enrollment numbers anymore anyway so Oregon's failure sounds like it's the tip of the iceberg.
During the initial open enrollment period, the Obama administration released monthly enrollment reports that — even if they were exasperatingly incomplete and/or doctored in what data they chose to reveal — gave us at least some sort of idea of what was going on with the president’s crowning legislative achievement. Now that the Obama administration has that alleged 8 million sing-ups number to tout, however, they evidently no longer feel the need to even keep up the pretense of releasing regular reports on the law’s progress.
Well we lied about the initial numbers so why keep giving them? It interrupts our being lazy.

One of the reasons they touted having Obamacare was that people without coverage would use emergency rooms since they didn't have insurance. Now that 8 million do (uh-huh) at least the frequency of visits would go down now, right? Nope.
The ObamaCare boosters in the mainstream liberal media are once again avoiding negative news on the health care law’s unintended consequences. According to a study released Wednesday by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), emergency room visits are on the rise, in spite of promises to the contrary by supporters of ObamaCare.
Well don't worry. With all the money they haven't saved, they've used it to buy 21 helicopters for just one president. Like Mr. Burns said "I like to put my feet up."
There is much huffing and puffing by Navy officers and elected officials that such a debacle will not recur — and it may not. And yet… Gizmag reports that this is “initial US$1.24 billion contract is for six S-92 helicopters and two trainer simulators for the US Marine Corps as part of a development and conversion program that will see a fleet of 21 aircraft built for presidential use by 2023.” 
$1.24 billion is a lot of money.  For six helicopters and two simulators. 
Then, presumably, many more dollars to scale up to 21 “aircraft built for presidential use.” 
This columnist might find no sum excessive to protect the United States of America from (to appropriate and adapt a phrase from the three most frightening words in the English language, “President Joe Biden.” Yet … the delivery of these craft will occur much too late to fulfill such a noble mission. 
And… 21? 
To transport one president? 
Really. The boy king needs his carriages.

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