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Monday, March 30, 2015

Rethink Everything! Yes, Even This!

My buddy Floyd emailed me a revelation that hit him now that he's in his fifties. Sandals and socks are a good thing.
People make fun of old men wearing socks with sandals. 
This has been a joke for as long as I can remember. 
This evening, as I sat out in my garage listening to the radio while wearing socks with sandals it finally hit me. 
I wear sandals because they are easy to put on/take off and they don't put undo stress on my feet.  Having sensitive feet this is important to me.  I wear socks because the fabric acts as a barrier/cushion and protects said sensitive feet from the rub points of said sandals. 
I'm an old man who wears socks with sandals and I have a damned good reason for doing so.  I will never again laugh at jokes with this as their point.
Huh. Now given that Nike is making those sandal that slip on the feet real easy, I've noticed my stepsons wearing them over their socks. It occurred to me that I am now a part of the sandwich generation. Older than me are wearing socks and sandals, younger than me are wearing socks and sandal, and I'm a lonely gen-x'er still wearing tennies. 

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