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Monday, March 30, 2015

I'll Take it Where I Can Get it, Thanks @BillKristol

I'm pretty certain Bill Kristol didn't mean to single me out regarding the final four as I've never really wrote much about it. However since he did:

I now feel obligated to write something up. After all, I respect Bill a lot and even if he accidentally typed in my twitter handle, it's my duty to suck up properly with gratitude and step up to the plate for this bit of accidental publicity.

So we have three number 1 seeds in the Final Four and MSU isn't one of them.That's the underdog vote there. But I'm not given to rooting for the underdog simply because they are the underdog. After all Kentucky is trying to be the first team to go undefeated since 1976. There's something to be said for rooting for excellence.

But I found out that the "M" in MSU stands for "Michigan" and not "Mississippi." This was very valuable information because Michigan is home to Detroit and that town needs something to smile about. Anything.

Wisconsin is a state that is known for it's cheese. Also the Green Bay Packers who win enough for any state's stable of teams. Still, Milwaukee gave Kansas City Ned Yost, who took the Royals to the World Series last year for the first time since 1985. (In case you missed that tidbit of information on the various telecasts' the first 753 times they mentioned it.) So I'll be forever grateful to Wisconsin for that.

Finally we have Duke. Now I can root against Duke. For a long time the whole tournament seemed to be a formality to giving Duke the trophy and in my mind, they became the Dallas Cowboys or New York Yankees of college basketball. Just ended up hating them for beating everyone all the time.

So what's my pick? Well I guess given the limp criteria I just mentioned here, I'm going with MSU. Mostly because everyone seems to discount them and I just love going against the grain. But I will disagree with Bill that the seeding had anything to do with my pick. Nor did logic, understanding of the sport, or knowledge of college athletics... but let's just stick with the seeding thing.

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