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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Glenn Beck's Out of the GOP. What Took So Long?

As John McClane told Powell when he finally had to face a dead body and bullets hitting his windshield after wandering around in a Twinkie fueled daze for 45 minutes,  "Welcome to the party, Pal."

I'm uncertain when I left the GOP but I will say it's complicated. See I still generally vote for the republican candidates but it's mostly a play at defeating Democrats. I'm not for the GOP, as much as I'm totally against the Dems. I feel like I'm sticking my fingers in the dike, but that's all.

Sure, I like Scott Walker but I believe, and I hope, he's actually an effective leader that will enact conservative principles. If that person was a democrat, I'd vote for him. Walker seems like the best suited in this race to do that in a field that isn't terribly exciting.

But as a party, the GOP is full of establishment types who only are there to keep their power. They just want to do it differently than the democrats. I wanted to get rid of Boehner and I wasn't hot on McConnell simply because I knew they wouldn't fight for conservative principles but simply go for mostly liberal ones. As opposed to Obama who is full on liberal.

That's why they don't fight the good fight. Amnesty is a political football and used mainly to see which party can get credit and secure those votes. Who cares if it's right or wrong or good for the country?

Not people who believe that government is a solution to problems. Not people who believe our rights come from what they allow. GOP talks a good game about the constitution but don't really give a damn about it.

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