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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Walker Disappointed You With Right-To-Work? Look Closer...

Some conservatives are disappointed by Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s apparent reluctance to push for right-to-work legislation in his new term. Today the Wall Street Journal joins the chorus, calling it “unfortunate that he’s ducking a chance to make Wisconsin the country’s 25th right-to-work state.” But Walker has made it clear that such legislation is not a priority and that he wants to focus instead on education reform and on cutting Wisconsin’s woefully bloated budget.

Walker is right, and it demonstrates yet again that he’s got the right formula for conservative reforms.

As Walker explained to me last May, Wisconsin is already essentially a right-to-work state. The major union power was in the public sector, which was squeezing the state’s finances and economy, and Scott Walker broke that stranglehold in his first term, with the passage of Act 10. Public-sector union membership has fallen by more than 50,000.

Meanwhile, private-sector union membership in Wisconsin is down below 7 percent of the workforce. Basically most people in Wisconsin already have a de facto right not to join a union, because the vast majority of firms are not unionized. A right-to-work law would be great; it just wouldn't affect that many people.
Look, I'm all for right-to-work but I'm not for legislation for legislation's sake. Walker's instincts are to leave shit alone if it ain't broke. Once legislation is taken up, even for an ostensibly good cause, chances are government will screw it up somehow.

I love this guy. He wants to go after the budget because it's a real problem and has no use for legislation that really does nothing except help him politically. If we as conservatives are mad at him because "right-to-work" is just "our thing," then we are in danger of becoming liberals. "Our thing" should be "government needs to leave shit alone." Walker is doing just that.

We know he will take action when it's warranted. If he's not going to take action on something, I think we ought to give him the benefit of the doubt. This guy is great because he's effective, he produces positive results and most importantly, he doesn't care about making himself look good politically. That's what WE need to support, not falling into the trap of "legislate my stuff or else I'm not supporting you!"

If it changes nothing and simply adds another law on the books, what the hell good is making Wisconsin the 25th right-to-work state? So we can hit the number 25?

This is a true conservative. Take another look people.

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