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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Know I'm On the Right Track When I Align With Thomas Sowell

I've made no bones about my support for Scott Walker for President. He's conservative but more importantly, he's effective. Turns out, my instincts are better than even I thought:
We can certainly hope that the country has learned that lesson -- and that Republican rookie Senators get eliminated early in the 2016 primaries, so that we can concentrate on people who have had some serious experience running things -- and taking responsibility for the consequences -- rather than people whose only accomplishments have been in rhetoric and posturing.

The more optimistic among us may hope that the Republicans will nominate somebody who stands for something, rather than the bland leading the bland -- the kind of candidates the Republican establishment seems to prefer, even if the voters don't.

If the Republicans do finally decide to nominate somebody who stands for something, and who has a track record of succeeding in achieving what he set out to do, then no one fits that bill better than Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has put an end to government employee unions' racket of draining the taxpayers dry with inflated salaries and extravagant pensions.

That Governor Walker succeeded in reining in the unions, in a state long known for its left-leaning and pro-union politics, shows that he knows how to get the job done. It also shows that he has the guts to fight for what he believes, and the smarts to articulate his case and win the public over to his side, rather than pandering to whatever the polls show current opinion to be.
So if you don't believe me, believe the man I probably most respect in economics, politics, and media, Thomas Sowell.

(whisper whisper)

Wait, Sowell's black? That can't be right. As a conservative, I'm racist after all.

(whisper whisper)

I can't understand anything you're trying to tell me when all you do is type the words "whisper whisper."

Anyway, look into Scott Walker people. We need to start the campaign now and get those polls up there. The establishment needs to have Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and what ever blandy-bland get soundly rejected.

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