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Monday, January 13, 2014

So Is Obama's Platform Just a Big Middle Finger to the US Citizenry at This Point?

Let me understand this, Obama decides that a guy who defended a cop killer is the best guy to pick for Civil Rights division of the DOJ? I suppose there could be a case for a guy like this but really, this guy he defended is a cop killer. He defended him by choice. "Tragic loss of Faulkner" Debo says of the murder of the cop. Really? Tragedy is a terrible thing that just happened. Murder is an evil act. Do you not know the difference? Wait, he's a leftist. Of course he doesn't know the difference.

I understand that someone has to defend the bad guy. But do you have to go to rallies supporting him?

I mean why is the left always supporting the shittiest among us? This asshole is who you hang your hat on? Good luck with that. I'm hopeful that this is one more nail in the leftist ideological coffin.

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