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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh Bowe....Sigh.

You're so functional. Amazing.
Dwayne Bowe, star receiver of my beloved Chiefs, was busted for possession of marijuana. Sigh. Listening to the sports talk radio brought out the potheads defending him with the usual alacrity of someone who is high out of their minds. But my favorite excuse was how you can be "functional" when high.

Bowe was a couple of miles from his house, coming home from the airport. He was speeding through a well known speed trap. He and his friend were smoking away. He didn't have his drivers license. He had an expired insurance card. He puts his wallet in the same bag as the weed so the officer can't help but find it. He asks the cop while getting busted if Sonic is open.

You potheads have a very different definition of "functional" than I do.

Sure, his decision making has been stellar so far, so I'm very comfortable with the idea of him lighting up and getting behind the wheel of a high speed death machine. You've convinced me.

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