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Monday, November 11, 2013

George Will Likens Obama to Nixon. Nixon Rises from Grave in Protest

And George Will nails it. He still says Nixon's first year of his second term is worse but really, this debacle is incredible in the amount of fail there has been. And people are finally starting to get it. Nice but we could've used you last year about this time when we could've really done something about it.
Only 41% of Americans viewed Mr. Obama in a positive light in a late October Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, with 45% holding a negative impression of him. That marked Mr. Obama’s all-time low as president—and the first time more people saw him negatively than positively. 
A more fluid measure of Mr. Obama’s standing—the public’s assessment of his performance as president—is now also sliding. Only 42% in the late-October poll approved of the job he is doing, a low in Journal/NBC surveys, with 51% disapproving. 
A survey released last week by the Pew Research Center found the president’s approval rating at 41%, down 10 points since May. Pew’s pollsters compared Mr. Obama’s fortunes to the slide that former President George W. Bush saw. At a comparable point in Mr. Bush’s second term—after Hurricane Katrina had hit—Mr. Bush’s job approval stood at 36%.

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