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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sometimes the Police Do Suck

Sean Groubert went way too fucking far.

I defended the police in Ferguson. Let's check the circumstances between that and this.

The suspect in Ferguson had just robbed a store. He was a criminal. He rushed an officer,

Levar Edward appears (thus far) to be just a working guy getting gas. He was attempting to obey an officer.

We can talk about mistakes he may have made in jumping right back in the car. We can talk about the inner city culture that probably has cops on edge. I'm not going to give these excuses any attention. Cops are trained to recognize scenarios and while they can make mistakes, this was a bit over the line. And seat belt violations piss me off just on general principle but that's a different argument.

This kind of thing sure doesn't help black's view of the police.

Groubert needs to make amends to Levar personally. Some good needs to come out of this.

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