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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Left's Nuance Strikes Again

So in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision to allow companies to decide whether or not they are going to provide insurance coverage to cover abortifacients.

(Not contraceptives by the way. And they still can pay for your abortions, it's called your paycheck.)

Needless to say, this has some of the stupidest arguments I've ever seen. At some point it gets back to how fetus and embryos are not alive or something. One in particular caught my eye. It starts with Sean Davis letting them have it:

Which leads to this piece of driftwood forming a tweet:

I had to get in on this.

Ok, that is the narrowest definition of comparison you could make. Why? So you can get what you want, which is unlimited abortions.

Fingernails = Not Alive on their own
Embryos = Not Alive on their own.
Fingernails = Embryos.

This is silliness to the ultimate degree. And I told him so:

But we're dealing with driftwood here.

No. But I'm beginning to think you are the fingernail that we're talking about. Fortunately Sean helps me out and I thank him.

Well it went on from there but you get the idea. Narrow your argument down to something inconsequential and meaningless and then hang yourself with it. Fingernails are not embryos. He wants us to try to put a fingernail clipping at the same worth as the embryo and they are not. Gold and Mercury are both elements and in a way are far less complex and far more alike than an embryo and a fingernail. Hell they are only one proton off. But Gold and Mercury are vastly different in their properties, their worth, and their effect on a human being. We don't elevate a fingernail to that of an embryo but he degrades an embryo to that of a fingernail.

An embryo's effect on a human being is vastly different than a fingernail's. Only a liberal couldn't see that.

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