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Monday, July 14, 2014

Science Once Again Proves Youth is Not As Stupid As We Thought

Well ok, maybe not science, unless polling is considered scientific. Which is some cases it is. But there is work to do.
52% of Millennials Pick Capitalism over Socialism; 64% Prefer a Free Market Economy Over a Govt-Managed Economy 
Half of the millennial respondents were asked to select the “better system,” capitalism or socialism: 52 percent chose capitalism and 42 percent chose socialism. This may surprise some, since among a national sample only 31 percent of all Americans have a favorable view of socialism.35 But when the other half of the sample chose between a “free market economy” and an “economy managed by the government,” 64 percent chose a free market economy and 32 percent favored an economy managed by the government.
So here we have a disparity of 12 percent who prefer a free-market economy and socialism. Wait.. what?

Obviously there are going to be some raised eyebrows at this but then according to Taki:
They may be simply confused and/or dumb, as a previous poll found that only 16 percent of millennials were able to correctly define “socialism” as government ownership of the economy.
The whole point of this blog and podcast is to hopefully educate a tiny bit. Perhaps the youth of America aren't as far off as we'd like to believe which, let's face it, never are. My generation (X) was the fall of western civilization thanks to MTV. It's all cyclical. So while knowledge of the details is still a little suspect, the proof of the failure of government-run anything is there for all to see.

Even the young skulls full of mush, as Rush would say.

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