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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scott Walker is a Threat: Here's the Group Going After Him

One floor above a vacant restaurant between the state capitol and the University of Wisconsin in Madison, a half dozen people work long days to do everything they can to make sure Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is never elected president.

Their modest office is decorated with anti-Walker bumper stickers and memorabilia from when he moved to limit collective bargaining for most state workers, triggering the state's most intense chapter of recent political history.

That 2011 fight made Walker both a national hero to conservatives and a prime target for Democrats. It also galvanized One Wisconsin Now, a progressive advocacy organization that focuses on watch-dogging Walker.

"I suspect there is nobody who has more information on Scott Walker than we do," said Mike Browne, the group's deputy executive director, sitting a few feet from a bullhorn used in 2011 during a period when up to 100,000 protested at the state capitol. The group's leaders and research are routinely quoted by Wisconsin media.
You know why these people hate him so much? He took away their power. Imagine how effective he can be in taking away power from the establishment. They know it. They're scared. They don't want to lose more power, power they shouldn't have in the first place.

The Left's true desires
This is who they are and believe me, the GOP doesn't like him either. This guy is going to go through the ringer and knowing there is a calculated effort to destroy him tells me he's the best guy to get behind. He's going to need us all to support him so no more infighting for some sad-sack like Jeb Bush. Let's get him in office and let's get these bastards.

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