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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Obama Logic: 2+2=Racism

So let's look at the events and Obama's conclusion.

  1. Michael Brown strong arms a convenience store clerk and robs him in broad daylight.
  2. He walks in the middle of the street and ignores Office Wilson's order to get out of the street.
  3. Forensic evidence and consistent witness testimony say Brown rushes Wilson, attacks him and attempts to take his gun, resulting in his getting shot and killed.
  4. A grand jury reaches the same conclusion and wisely decides not prosecute him. No one broke the law or acted inappropriately EXCEPT Michael Brown.
  5. Despite the facts, Ferguson residents and outside rabble rousers decide to riot and destroy innocent people's businesses.
Conclusion by Obama? Draw up a 4 point plan for the police and how they should act. Nothing in the plan on how people should not rush police, break laws, rob shops, burn down businesses, or even suggest that maybe they should at least look at the facts.

Of course. Of course. 

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