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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Going To Go Do a Little Undocumented Shopping in #Ferguson This Black Friday! (Can I say Black?)

Lots of Ferguson News.

Dozens arrested considered a much better night on NBC.
At least 44 people were arrested as protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, for a second night over the Michael Brown case, police said early Wednesday. 
Two guns and a Molotov cocktail were seized while rocks, broken tent poles and bottles were hurled at officers, according to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar. Windows were broken at City Hall and tear gas was deployed nearby. However, there was no repeat of the widespread shooting, looting and arsons the wracked the St. Louis suburb overnight Monday.
Darren Wilson and his wife are expecting a baby. Predictably people react maturely. 

Since we are protesting, let's toss in some other shit and save time.
The H Street Walmart in Washington, D.C., got a bit of a surprise on Tuesday night when dozens of Ferguson protesters took a detour from their march around the nation’s capital to march through the store. 
Thousands of protesters made their way through Northwest D.C., starting at 7 p.m. with rally at Mount Vernon Square and ending on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. Their long, looping route—upward of two miles—took them past one of the district’s newly opened Walmart Supercenters. As the protesters marched south along First Street toward the store, they began chanting “Shut Walmart down!” Then, while the bulk of the protest turned right to head down H Street toward Chinatown, a few dozen participants headed for Walmart’s big sliding doors.
You know. Cause of Michael Brown and stuff. Wonder what you're going to loot if you shut the Wally World down.

Of course we are doing this to protect the people. Even if we have to deny them access to medical care. Maybe we can arrest them for defying Obamacare?
In a video posted to YouTube Wednesday morning by LaughingAtLiberals, Portland protesters actually come to blows with one another as they debate blocking a road with their bodies — even as some cars they’re blocking apparently contain people needing medical care. 
“Let him through, he’s got to go to the hospital!” a protestor can be heard shouting, parting the crowd briefly.
Of course the paper of record decided to reveal Wilson's home address. Here they are:

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