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Friday, April 25, 2014

Liberal Diversity: Everyone be a culture-free drone of the state, or else racists or something

Liberals really don't like other cultures. I have been assuming they are racists but I'm not so sure now. I think they are simply statists and like all statists, everyone must conform. They may not care about black or white as long as you all dress the same, act the same and vote the same. We can control you regardless of skin color.

In that vein, everything different then from them is bad. Really. It makes it all very black and white to them. They dress it up in terms like "Cultural Appropriation" and "diversity" but really, they want everyone to be bland, cultureless drones.

I started on this road from reading this article on the federalist.
A few weeks ago, the Palestinian-American feminist made a splash with an article in Salon explaining “Why I Can’t Stand White Belly Dancers.” Her argument, to the extent she offers one, is that this is a peculiar form of exploitation called “cultural appropriation.” She ends with the advice: “Find another form of self-expression. Make sure you’re not appropriating someone else’s.” 
Now that is an interesting principle if we were to apply it consistently. The mind reels. Enormous parts of our culture have been influenced by and therefore “appropriated” from someone else. Much of contemporary American popular music was “appropriated” in one way or another from Southern blacks, as are whole styles of dance. Tap dance was appropriated by whites from blacks, who appropriated it from the Irish. Or maybe the other way around, or both. Parts of the American Arts and Crafts style were “appropriated” from traditional Japanese homebuilding. Franz Liszt encouraged his contemporaries to “appropriate” melodies from the Hungarians like all get-out. Classical architecture was “appropriated” from the Romans by the descendants of the very barbarians who sacked the empire. And so on. 
What Jarrar condemns as “appropriation” is actually “learning.” It is the transmission of new ideas, and the more sources they come from, the more vibrant the culture.
Indeed. Here's the problem with a vibrant, diverse culture, it encourages vibrant and diverse ideas. That can't happen in a socialist state. It helps me understand my previous article regarding casting choices in movies. You can cast a black person in a white role but you can't cast a white person in a black role. Think about it, everyone must be a bland, vanilla, with no discernable cultural characteristics. If they do, they can be mocked, especially white southerners. Even Adam Sandler movies will make fun of anyone who doesn't seem like a bland white person, including blacks, gays, mexicans, and pretty much everyone else.

Any depiction of a minority as having a culture outside the norm is called "stereotyping." Any white person dressing or celebrating another culture is called "cultural appropriation." In other words, there are state sanctioned (read: politically correct) permits to celebrating culture. Only Indians can belly dance, only Hawaiians can do the hula. They are given special dispensation as they are grandfathered in. But anything new, say a movie or other form of entertainment must follow the guidelines as put forth by your helpful, enlightened (and usually lilly-white) liberal orthodoxy.

So if you feel that Japanese culture speaks to you, you want to learn more about it and take to wearing kimonos or watching Anime, you are appropriating their culture. You're the wrong color, you haven't gotten the proper permits and the thought police will be arriving soon to send you to some sort of re-education camp. Most likely it will be easier for everyone to just conform to a state sanctioned method of dress and speaking.

Enjoy your diversity.

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